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Filmmaker denies Q links, says he was a “fly on the wall” at what seemed a “peaceful” event

Mikki Willis, whose COVID-denying pseudoscience “documentary” Plandemic went viral in May 2020, has broken a long radio silence following his presence at the January 6th Capitol riot.

In a podcast interview with holistic strength coach Paul Chek, Willis denied having political affiliations and attests he went to Washington D.C. as a neutral observer. He claimed he went to the Capitol building before speaking at a nearby “MAGA Freedom Rally” to record the voices of “immigrants and people of color that are there to protest the harm that’s being done to their daily lives” via pandemic restrictions.

Willis claimed that while…

The Conspirituality Report

Opinion: Regulation and licensing are pro-social tools

We’re now thirteen months into the Conspirituality Podcast project, and my co-hosts and I have done several dozen interviews with journalists and podcasters about the landscape of “converging right-wing conspiracy theories and faux-progressive wellness utopianism.”

Most interviews explore the basic themes:

The Conspirituality Report

What we learn from Del Bigtree’s high-risk search for “unvaccinated” blood

Del Bigtree, whose anti-vax propaganda generates close to 3.5M dollars yearly, almost bled to death from chronic haemorrhoids last month. His ordeal would have been a lot less precarious if he had taken the transfusions on offer at his local ER to stabilize his catastrophically low hemoglobin.

But no.

Bigtree is so convinced of the dangers of the COVID vaccine that he insisted on being transfused with “unvaccinated” blood. After being told that the blood banks of his hometown of Austin, TX — or anywhere else in the U.S…

The Conspirituality Report

QAnon ex-cop Alan Hostetter faces conspiracy, obstruction charges

Alan Hostetter inaugurated his YouTube channel in September of 2019 with a video that shows no hint that 16 months later he would be storming the Capitol with armed co-conspirators, inspired by QAnon fever dreams.

He’s in a sailboat, at sunset. He blows a conch shell and gently taps brass gongs with soft-headed mallets.

The Conspirituality Report

A New Age guru pivots to a new conspiracy theory

QAnon content is increasingly a brand liability for conspirituality promoters who need to continue marketing New Age religion and alt-health products.

The January 6th Capitol Siege has indelibly linked QAnon to domestic terrorism, and the deletion of vast networks of QAnon influencers and groups has severely curtailed the monetization potential of QAnon rhetoric. And Cullen Hoback’s Q: Into the Storm documentary has virtually stitched up the origin story of the global fever dream, pinning the scam on a nihilistic, porn-obsessed tech bro named Ron Watkins.

Where will the redpilled run…

The Conspirituality Report

Prove that you are not feeding conspirituality

If you’re going to continue to teach/practice/market yoga, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, meditation, modern Buddhism, New Age healing, crystal bowls, and/or alternative medicine:

Imagine a new ethical requirement to show that your content is not enabling intensifying attacks on public health servants and the information they’re struggling to communicate, especially to the vax-hesitant, bombarded with disinformation.

Here are some ways in which spiritual/wellness content might be thickening the fog of corona chaos. Taking part in these activities may result in having your earnest caregiving impulses weaponized by conspirituality.

  1. Implicitly or explicitly competing with and therefore degrading the credibility of public health…

The Conspirituality Report

Purifying through sweat, ablutions, and distance walking

In a recent interview with evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein for his podcast, Jordan Peterson spoke of how difficult it has been to recover from an ordeal of health crises and family stresses.

“I can hardly stand up when I wake up in the morning,” he said. “I feel so bad I can’t believe I can be alive and feel that bad.”

In April of 2019, Peterson’s wife of thirty-one years, Tammy, was diagnosed with aggressive kidney cancer. By September, the 56 year-old self-help professor had cancelled his engagements and checked into rehab for…

The Conspirituality Report

A false story about UNICEF, pornography, and children

On June 3rd, the Christian-oriented tabloid, based in Nigeria, published a story that grossly distorted a UNICEF discussion paper on the risks and benefits of children’s internet access, suggesting that the global agency is aiding and abetting pornography usage amongst children. The Pulse story rehashed an equally false May 13th report from the U.S. pro-life Christian think-tank Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam).

The Pulse article was shared and promoted by spiritual self-help author Danielle LaPorte to Instagram (256K followers) and Facebook (218K followers).

Laporte’s share extends a conspirituality theme that erupted in the summer of 2020. In…

a script from a Conspirituality Podcast essay

This episode follows up on earlier discussions on the podcast about how we manage privilege. Our exploration of cancel culture — specifically that part of it that is really a form of horizontal violence — isn’t motivated by any shift to the right, but by a desire to unpack the rhetoric, jargon, and performative behaviours, that, so often in the reductive rhythm of social media, serve to shut down learning, and polarize progressives that might otherwise work together.

Here, I focus on how a rhetorical device in social justice relates to our project: what it means, in both helpful and…

The Conspirituality Report

An early adopter (March 2020) of the anti-semitic oppression fantasy

In February of this year, the 100 Million Moms anti-vax group promoted a t-shirt emblazoned with a yellow Star of David and the words “COVID CAUST”, comparing COVID public health policies to the Holocaust.

It was not an original idea. This rhetoric had been a staple of alt-health anti-masking and anti-lockdown propaganda for almost a year.

On March 11th, 2020, “holistic psychiatrist” Kelly Brogan published a selfie-sermon called “What Is Going On”, first to her private subscription group of psychiatric clients, and then to the public under the title “A Message to Dispel Fear.”

Matthew Remski

Investigative journo: conspirituality & cults. Co-host at Bylines: GEN, The Walrus. More @

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