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Anti-Vax Doctor Manifests as Jesus. Wellness Ladies Weep with Joy.

Thirst trap Zach Bush is so spiritual, so patronizing, so wrong

Matthew Remski
17 min readAug 20, 2021


Photo by Fengyou Wan on Unsplash

Note: Don’t be put off by the “read-time” on this article. The topline analysis is about a 3-minute read. Hardcore conspirituality geeks can stick around for what follows.

In the intro to the most recent episode of their Almost 30 podcast, wellness pundits Krista Williams and Lindsay Simcik describe getting tearful while listening to their latest guest, the anti-vax charismatic, Dr. Zach Bush.

Krista: He started speaking about, just like, the beauty of nature and the beauty of us as humans outside of things that make us feel separate from ourselves and wow I mean, so I was crying…When I looked at you crying too, I was like Oh my god, dude.

Lindsay: And then you look at Zach and he’s just Jesus Christ.

Krista: Jesus Christ on screen. Fully Jesus Christ. He’s literally come back after channeling Jesus Christ. You guys: this is us just saying it. He never said that he was channeling Jesus Christ, FYI. And it was like just fully holding his own energy of whatever was said, and just following the intuition of it.

Krista did confess that she’s overly-prone to weeping when moved. And the Jesus references were on the edge of ironic.

Nonetheless, they blessed Bush with transcendent framing. Two wildly popular influencers in the wellness pornography genre (Williams and Simcik claim 30M total downloads) spent almost 15 minutes polishing his halo before he even manifested on the screen.

In the absence of medical credibility, Bush needs all the polish he can get. Germ theory is wrong, he says. Mitochondrial function is responsible for all disease. Vaccines are dangerous. Reiki is awesome for hospice care.

The more he looks and talks like Jesus, the more his garbage medical takes —now critically dangerous in the COVID era —can fade into the pastel, alt-health backdrop.



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