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Anti-Vax Reverse Contagion Anxiety

Influencers Say that the Vaccinated Are Making Them Sick

Matthew Remski
4 min readApr 21, 2021


Via @selfhealingmama on IG.

Conspirituality influencers are now turning the laws of epidemiology inside out. It wasn’t enough for them to ignore or contradict public health officials with COVID-denialism dogwhistles. It wasn’t enough to claim that Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates are pursuing a “depopulation agenda” through lockdown measures and vaccine development.

Now conspirituality influencers are turning the vaccine into a virus. They are evidently abandoning the dictum to “refuse to live in fear”, as they express terror of people who are vaccinated. I’ll call this brain-flip “Reverse Contagion Anxiety”.

Below is a panic-sermon from @selfhealingmama, known as “Chloe Angeline” on Instagram. She advertises herself as an entrepreneur in “Conscious Pregnancy+Birth+Motherhood,” and a “Cosmic Doula Through the Portal of Motherhood.”

“I’m here to birth a new earth ,” writes Angeline, whose podcast focuses on becoming your “Highest Self”.

In the video, Angeline presents herself as an heroic truth-teller offering love and validation to women who she says are reporting menstrual abnormalities related to the COVID-19 vaccine. Not from getting vaccinated, but from