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Christiane Northrup Moves Her Disinformation to Telegram

A propagandist cleanses her Facebook timeline

Christiane Northrup, retired doctor and anti-vax matriarch of the Disinformation Dozen, has had a busy week.

Last Thursday, Instagram cut her off from her 175K followers. On Sunday, the Portland (Maine) Press Herald, Northrup’s home state daily, splashed her all over the front page in a feature detailing her year-long slide into conspirituality.

What’s next? Northrup is now asking her 547K Facebook followers to join her Telegram channel.

Northrup opened the channel on April 15, and is approaching 10K followers. It has quickly become a foxhole for her most QAnon-addled views, religious promises, and networking amongst other members of the Disinformation Dozen.

Her first share was an article written by Sayer Ji, proprietor of the pseudoscience clearinghouse GreenMedInfo. The article praised Leila Centner’s demand that teachers at her private Miami academy not be vaccinated against COVID. Centner believes, along with Northrup, that the COVID vaccines shed either viral particles or toxins that will poison the unvaccinated. Sayer Ji also maintains an active Telegram channel, after losing both his Facebook and Instagram privileges.

Other Northrup shares include a video from conspiracy theorist James Grundvig called “Exposing The Scope Of Human Trafficking In America”. (A standard QAnon and #savethechildren trope.) Grundvig’s video is posted to Rumble, now the favoured video platform of anti-vax propagandists like Del Bigtree and Sherri Tenpenny who have been banned from YouTube. Northrup also shared a bitchute video by unnamed sources claiming that COVID test swabs are poisonous. (They are not.) She’s also posted two selfie sermons by Idaho chiropractor Steven Baker, whose anti-vax breakout video went viral in January. Baker affirms he won’t be admitting vaccinated patients to his practice, and that while the world is controlled by Satan, human bodies are under the protection of God.

Northrup continues the evangelical themes in voice memos to her Telegram followers. In one memo focused on telling followers to stay away from their parents or children infected by the COVID vaccine “bioweapon”, she says that the “dark forces can only work up to the fourth dimension.” Luckily, she continues, “you have enormous power to raise your vibration into the fifth dimension and know that you have the ability to channel Christ consciousness, that’s a consciousness, in my opinion, that is what’s meant by the second coming of Christ, it’s a consciousness. And so when you do that, you boost your immunity.”

In the memo, Northrup also describes getting sick “a couple of times” during the pandemic, but that she refused to be tested for COVID.

Meanwhile, Northrup’s Facebook feed has returned mostly to her pre-pandemic fare: selling her book about self-care in menopause and invitations to her newsletter.

One post from May 1, however, indicates that Northrup’s Facebook page —for as long as it’s up —will remain a revolving door between New Age pseudofeminist wellness and zones of online extremism that point to QAnon. She invites followers to sign up for Jason Shurka’s “Divine Academy of Knowlege”, where she is a guest speaker alongside holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist David Icke. Shurka, who appeared as a guest a Centner Academy, is a New Age manifestation influencer who says he was woken up to the light of the universe after 23 shoulder dislocations and a staph infection.

If Northrup is able to maintain her Facebook access by shunting her overt COVID conspiracism to Telegram, her account will retain the threshold status between alt-health and fever dreams that allowed it to be the primary mainstream vector for Plandemic, by Mikki Willis. As reported in the New York Times, just over five hours after Willis’s 26-minute anti-vax video was shared in a large QAnon Facebook group on May 5 of last year, Northrup shared it to her mainstream audience.

In one Telegram voice memo, Northrup asserted that she will not tolerate critics on her new platform.

“A troll showed up”, said Northrup, asking: “Why are you posting conspiracy theories?” Northrup deleted the comment and banned the user.

“I came over here to get away from you f-ers,” Northrup said.

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