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COVID-Denialist: “Rona Is as Real as You Want it To Be”

COVID-like illness intensifies egocentrism of “free birth” influencer.

Matthew Remski
5 min readSep 26, 2021


L to R: @bauhauswife IG post 9.16.21, YT screenshot 9/14/21, IG post 9.22.21

Updated 9.27.21

While members of the Disinformation Dozen pull in millions per year with crude torrents of meme-based COVID denialist propaganda, “free birth” coach Yolande Norris-Clark focuses on elevating the artistry and distilling the philosophy of this anti-social movement.

With a modest 44K followers on Instagram and 2600 on Telegram, the former piano teacher and ceramicist isn’t in it for the money. If Joseph Mercola is the Jeff Bezos of COVID disinformation, @bauhauswife, as she’s known on social, is its boutiquier — producing chic slides in Sonny Gothic font, and ASMR-laden sermons on YouTube, complete with vogue outfits.

Over the past few weeks, this curatorial approach — and her own reports of symptoms that sound like severe COVID — provide a crystal-clear window into the core egocentrism of conspirituality: the assertion that our thoughts create reality.

In a post from September 22nd, Norris-Clark informed the families of the almost 5M people who have died of COVID19 that “Rona is as real as you want it to be.”

This followed a post from days before in which she disclosed what sounds like a dangerous encounter with COVID. She didn’t get tested, because, as she falsely claims, “there is no accurate test.” Under the hashtags #medicalfreedom and #endpharmaceuticalapartheid, she wrote:

Recently, I was quite debilitated for several weeks, in a state of dis-ease that included fever, respiratory distress, full-body aches and pain, digestive issues, and many more symptoms that were indeed very unpleasant and at the time, concerning! I chose to stay in bed, and to stay home, and to focus on rest and sleep, and while my husband was very worried about my well-being and even thought at certain points that I might die, I didn’t! Lucky me. I was only in a fevered delirium and near-unconsciousness for about 4 weeks, and lo and behold, I recovered — With no medical treatment, no medication, no hospitalization, no herbs or potions, and no interaction with professionals, believe it or not!



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