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Danielle LaPorte Says Inhaling Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide “would be good”

“I’m not giving medical advice,” Oprah SuperSoul leader says to 258K Instagram followers

Matthew Remski
3 min readOct 26, 2021


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In an October 25th story posted to Instagram and Facebook, Canadian self-help author Danielle LaPorte touted the benefits of nebulizing essential oils with water — and hydrogen peroxide — for respiratory health and for “doubling down” on immune system strength.

LaPorte is a former Body Shop marketing executive who became one of Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul 100 thought leaders in 2016 after publishing several books about personal empowerment. She has no medical training. “I’m not giving medical advice,” she told her 258K followers on Instagram, and 220K followers on Facebook.

LaPorte does not reference particular conditions or diagnoses in her promotion of nebulizing, but says the practice is “preventative, proactive… you can heal yourself from lots of things.”

Breathing in a well-ventilated room into which essential oils have been diffused is generally thought to be safe by aromatherapy professionals. Inhaling directly from a nebulizer, however, would qualify as “internal use,” which is not recommended.

Inhaling nebulized hydrogen peroxide is dangerous. Jamie Alan, PhD, and associate professor of pharmacology and toxicology at Michigan State University, told that hydrogen peroxide is an unstable atom that can damage cells.

“If it’s inhaled,” Alan was quoted as saying, “it goes to the lungs where it can damage cell membranes. It can even get into the cells once the cell membranes are compromised and it can damage DNA.”

The process of sucking in aerosolized bleach through a mask or breathing tube, became a fad treatment in the COVID19 era via Disinformation Dozen captain Joseph Mercola, who has made millions publishing anti-vax materials. His career in medical fraud…



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