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Do Anti-Vax Profiteers Believe Their Cultic Bullshit?

Matthew Remski
6 min readJun 14, 2021

What we learn from Del Bigtree’s high-risk search for “unvaccinated” blood

Still from Bigtree’s Highwire site, 6.9.2021

Del Bigtree, whose anti-vax propaganda generates close to 3.5M dollars yearly, almost bled to death from chronic haemorrhoids last month. His ordeal would have been a lot less precarious if he had taken the transfusions on offer at his local ER to stabilize his catastrophically low hemoglobin.

But no.

Bigtree is so convinced of the dangers of the COVID vaccine that he insisted on being transfused with “unvaccinated” blood. After being told that the blood banks of his hometown of Austin, TX — or anywhere else in the U.S. —do not categorize donors according to vaccination history, Bigtree and his staff believed they found “clean” blood through an unnamed cancer doctor with a surgery clinic in Cancun. After downing the unproven COVID treatment Ivermectin, flying to Mexico on a supporter’s private jet, soaking up five transfusions, and undergoing proctology stitchery, Bigtree stabilized.

He returned home to tell his absurd story — or at least those parts of it he wanted his followers to hear — on a recent episode of his show, The Highwire.

According to the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), Bigtree’s platform is:

a slick, magazine-style anti-vaccine show that was broadcast live to over 600,000 followers until it was deplatformed from Facebook and YouTube last year following reports he had advised viewers to intentionally contract Covid. Bigtree and his campaign organisation, Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), still reach 370,000 followers through their own accounts.

Bigtree is big business. But what kind of business? Is he a charlatan? Is he a bullshitter — in the technical sense of being more interested in making a social impact than he is in whether he is speaking rubbish?

Or is Bigtree operating in good faith, out of a sincere desire to help his followers battle the unforgiving domination of the medical world? Does he truly believe in what he’s selling to his subscribers and affiliates? Is he earnest? What do his choices about dealing with his near-fatal haemorrhoids tell us about his altruism?



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