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Oppression Fantasies of White Anti-Vax Moms

Sibbio and Standfield co-opt First Nations genocide, Holocaust

Susan Standfield and Stephanie Sibbio are co-founders of 100 Million Moms, an anti-vax activist organization that has recently compared anti-COVID measures to the Holocaust, and to genocidal policies against Canada’s First Nations.

On May 27, the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation released findings of a radar survey of the Kamloops Indian Residential School that showed the remains of 215 children, some as young as three, buried in an unmarked grave. The discovery in British Columbia has shaken settlers across the country, while confirming what First Nations people in Canada have always known.

On May 30th, Susan Standfield of Chilliwack, 250 km southwest of Kamloops, promoted a new t-shirt design for 100 Million Moms members. The design capitalizes on the abject discovery by conflating the genocidal policies of Canadian residential schooling with the conspiracy theory that COVID 19 is an intentional bio-attack, organized by governments. The orange fabric and print co-opt Orange Shirt Day — September 30 in Canada — which commemorates the First Nations victims of residential schooling.

“Orders go in tomorrow at noon,” Standfield wrote in the caption to the Instagram advert.

In a now-deleted post screencapped by @KatTapestry, Standfield explained that Canadian First Nations people, unlike the Black population, are “retraumatized” by the COVID vaccines because of “brainwashing.” She also falsely implied that the Kamloops Indian Residential School survey findings have been released intentionally, to expose Canada’s role in the abuse, torture, and genocide — not of First Nations people, but of those who want to be vaccinated against COVID.

Standfield has had a busy spring. In late February, her company was excoriated for a t-shirt design that featured the yellow Star of David — which Nazis forced Jews to wear — emblazoned with the words “COVID CAUST”. “We are the official yellow star class of Canada,” Stanfield said in an now-deleted Instagram video.

“No, you’re not,” responded the Centre for Israel and Jewish affairs, in a tweet.

Screencap from CTV report, 3.1.2021.

Standfield also sells tote-bags.

After an anti-vax protest at Toronto City Hall last week, 100 Million Mom co-founder Stephanie Sibbio also invoked the Holocaust to describe COVID prevention measures.

“As a collective human race,” Sibbio said in a video posted to Instagram, “we have to know the history so that we can remind people. They’ve forgotten that the fifteen years leading up to the Holocaust looked exactly like it does today. The people who don’t wear masks are the people who are the lepers, the spreaders of disease. We’re not allowed to stand on the grass. We’re not allowed to sit on the bench. We’re not allowed to use the toilet.”

“I can’t go to the dentist,” Sibbio said, voice rising, “because I won’t put a mask on my face. Are you kidding me?”

Earlier this spring, Sibbio filmed herself harassing people of colour employees of her neighbourhood grocery store for asking her to abide by the masking policy.

Sibbio said that during the protest she focused on trying to propagandize Black citizens against being vaccinated. She described cornering one Black man and advising him to watch the anti-vax propaganda film “Medical Racism”, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy, which falsely claims that African Americans are “naturally immune” from COVID, and mobilizes historical criminal acts, like the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, to persuade viewers that there is an ongoing sinister plot against them, organized by the medical establishment.

Robert F. Kennedy was recently deplatformed from Facebook and Instagram after being named as one of the Disinformation Dozen by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, a UK-based think-tank. In a report released today, the CCDH finds that Kennedy generates almost 3M USD yearly from his anti-vax activism. His film was co-produced by billionaire David Centner, husband of Leila Centner, who in April told the teachers at her private Miami school that they might be fired if they received the COVID vaccine.

In her post-protest video, Sibbio paradoxically advised followers to not live in anger or fear, and then closed with a benediction.

“Live in the gratitude of this human experience,” she said, “that we get to go on with our souls, in this beautiful body, healthy body, strong body.”

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