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Plandemic Director Mikki Willis Explains His Presence at Capitol Riot

Filmmaker denies Q links, says he was a “fly on the wall” at what seemed a “peaceful” event

Matthew Remski
5 min readJun 16, 2021


Screenshot from NYT reel, Jan. 7, 2021. Kessel, Wolfer, Kerr.

Mikki Willis, whose COVID-denying pseudoscience “documentary” Plandemic went viral in May 2020, has broken a long radio silence following his presence at the January 6th Capitol riot.

In a podcast interview with holistic strength coach Paul Chek, Willis denied having political affiliations and attests he went to Washington D.C. as a neutral observer. He claimed he went to the Capitol building before speaking at a nearby “MAGA Freedom Rally” to record the voices of “immigrants and people of color that are there to protest the harm that’s being done to their daily lives” via pandemic restrictions.

Willis claimed that while amidst the rioters, interference on a radio earpiece obscured the loud chanting of “Hang Mike Pence” around him, that he only saw “one or two men” pushing forward, and that they promptly obeyed his command to “stop that shit”.

“Somebody threw a pencil or something like that,” Willis said, noting that he was puzzled by the broken windows and was unaware of the surrounding violence. “That was about the most of it.”

The January 6th riot piggybacked on Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally, and was prefigured by detailed plans for a violent disruption of the electoral certification vote scheduled for that day. In the Chek podcast, Willis said he had heard that the intentions for the day were “to simply protest and have their voices heard regarding the lock-downs. Nothing to do with Trump, nothing to do with voter fraud.”

In video footage uploaded to Reddit Willis can be seen amidst a surge of insurrectionists heaving into one of the Capitol door entrances. Willis holds a mobile phone aloft, shooting into the building, and then turns the camera around to film himself. Around him, the mob chants “Hang Mike Pence.”

Willis’s own footage, released in the days after the riot, appears to begin after the chant dies down. It shows an intense standoff between a surge of rioters and a bottleneck of Capitol Police at the damaged door. As the…



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