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In 2020, menacing propaganda began streaming into the yoga and wellness worlds. Charismatic influencers read the room, and poured their talents for emotional exploitation into increasingly morbid themes:

  • A pandemic exploited or even created by shady governments.
  • Racial conflicts provoked by media elites.
  • A PCR test designed to strip your freedom, and a vaccine designed to erase your soul.

Suddenly, all the yoga classes, meditation seminars, sound-healing workshops and magical supplements took on apocalyptic necessity. Desperate times called for divine remedies. Engagement surged.

Not only did this wave of alluring panic face little resistance — something held the door open. “Conspirituality” — an online horseshoeing of right-wing persecution complexes and leftish spiritual hope — had been a feature of this culture for decades. It groomed the vulnerable for QAnon. It also gave QAnon a socially acceptable face.

The Conspirituality Report is an evolving distillation of the past year of my reporting and podcast work on the spirituality, history, politics, economy, and technology of this movement. In the background lies my investigative journalism on yoga and Buddhist cults.

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  1. Introducing the Conspirituality Report (YogAnon 2020 timeline)
  2. Hello YogAnon! Part One: The Spirituality Hijack
  3. Glowing Mama Anti-Masker: Toronto Influencer Socially Toilets in Health Food Store
  4. Hello, YogAnon. Pt. 2: Nazis. Loved. Yoga.
  5. JP Sears Monetizes His Baby Son: Conspirituality Puts Children in the Downline.
  6. Conspirituality and Soft Religious Zealotry:A COVID-Contrarian Doctor Implies Reincarnation is the Answer
  7. Hello, YogAnon. Pt. 3: Selfish Care Rituals
  8. Hello, YogAnon. Pt. 4: Algorithmic Charisma
  9. If They Got Out of QAnon or That Anti-Vax Group…
  10. Terror and Salvation from Plandemic Director Mikki Willis
  11. Christiane Northrup Encourages Anti-Vaxxers to Shun Pro-Vax Partners
  12. Anti-Vax Reverse Contagion Anxiety
  13. Free-Birther Yolande Norris-Clark Promotes “The Secret Covenant”
  14. The New-Age Shame of Anti-Maskers
  15. Leila Centner’s Instagram Spiral
  16. Christiane Northrup Moves Her Disinformation to Telegram
  17. Modi’s COVID Constellations
  18. No Moral Outrage Porn, No Punching Down\
  19. Deplatformed for Anti-Vax Propaganda, Sayer Ji Turns to Satanic Panic Content
  20. The “Akashic Records” to “Do Your Own Research” Pipeline
  21. I Have Become a Radical Lightworker
  22. The Unbearable Feelings of the Anti-Masker
  23. Oppression Fantasies of White Anti-Vax Moms
  24. Kelly Brogan Compared Anti-COVID Measures to Holocaust Agenda
  25. Is #savethechildren Evolving?
  26. The New Age / Medieval Mortifications of Jordan Peterson
  27. Challenge to Alt-Health Practitioners in the COVID Era
  28. From QAnon to Anti-Woke
  29. Singing Bowls Yoga Soldier Indicted in Capitol Riot
  30. Do Anti-Vax Profiteers Believe Their Cultic Bullshit?
  31. The Yoga/Wellness World Can Help Calm the QAnon Fever It Helped Spread
  32. Plandemic Director Mikki Willis Explains His Presence at Capitol Riot

Investigative journo: conspirituality & cults. Co-host at Bylines: GEN, The Walrus. More @

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