Why A Course in Miracles Is Not Good For You, or Those You Love

An Open Letter from a Former Student

Matthew Remski
11 min readApr 17, 2021

Dear student of A Course in Miracles

To this day I remember the warm wash of peace that seemed to flow over me as I read the first few lessons of the Course.

Nothing I see in this room means anything… These thoughts do not mean anything… I am never upset for the reason I think… I see only the past… I am upset because I see a meaningless world… God did not create a meaningless world.

Even now, two decades after first opening the heavy, hardcover book with the onion skin paper, I can read these lines, close my eyes, and put myself back into that place where all of the loneliness, anxiety, and despair seemed to melt away. The voice floating above the page was soothing, radiant. It seemed to understand my nameless predicament, and to speak directly to it, helping me, step by step, to slow down and disassemble the internal machine of endless conflict that had become my mind.

I had tried many things to soothe myself. I had travelled to India, and learned to meditate. I had poured over yoga books and prostrated in temples. I had fasted and chanted. I had taken Buddhist vows. But the Course spoke to me in English, with a directness, simplicity and rhythm that felt so at home. That…